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A Dubious Apple and Believing the Impossible

Per Axbom
Per Axbom
While it’s not a yet a win, and no time to relax, the fact that Apple are pausing their move into on-device mass surveillance is a good indicator of how activism and protests can make a difference.
That said, it’s important to acknowledge that activism isn’t something everyone can readily participate in. As Emily Atkin wisely notes in HEATED,  a newsletter for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis:
The ability to participate in activism is a privilege. Many simply do not have the time, money, or emotional bandwidth to take on a global cause.
This made me reflect on how thankful I am that you are finding the time to read this and perhaps even sharing some of the stories and insights with others. It’s one potential path to reaching those with the time and resources to take on the powerful.
This week you will also find som mythbusting information on China’s social credit system and become acquainted with the dawn of a new market where people sell their faces to be used for… anything.
Some stories in this issue may be hard to believe, such as a listening device that fits in an iPhone charging cable. As it turns out, digital ethics asks of us to believe in many things we can not see.
Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.*
*Yes, that quote is from Alice in Wonderland.

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State-sponsored deception
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Deepfake / Biometric Abuse
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The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices
AI and Machine Learning
Contractual terms for algorithms
Deleting unethical data sets isn’t good enough
10 Things Only Privacy People Know about Email Aliases
Privacy scare of the week
Emil Stenström
It's now possible to buy a Apple charging cable with a hidden computer in it that has WiFi and a web server. Good luck finding that one if planted in your office...
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