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Digital Ethics: 2021 - Year of the Reboot

Per Axbom
Per Axbom
It’s been a tough year, going on two, from a wellbeing perspective. I just want to say: feeling exhausted, traumatised and disoriented is expected. For all of us. It’s natural to deflate when struggling to find breathing space in the midst of uncertainty, conflicting messaging and enforced restrictions.
As people close to me have been going through a turmoil of a year with illness, I have turned inwards. I’ve been head down in work, rebooting both my digital presence (the blogs and their dependencies) and my physical one (moving house).
Seemingly in a culmination of transitional events, a few weeks ago our oldest son left home for college, a 6-hour drive away. His absence from everyday routine creates new holes in space and time that quickly fill up with unfamiliar experiences and emotions. Strange rhythms and unusual friction. Novel opportunites. And alien worries visiting at the oddest of hours.
I’m leaning into all the emotions, making sure not to ignore them. Lest they get the best of me.
Knowing you are out there, reading this, is healing. I feel bound to readers by a common interest in helping
  1. tech professionals make services with compassion, and
  2. everyday users stay safe with the technology in their lives.
Perhaps we can find respite in this common interest for a short while, seeing promise in its capacity. Or also save it for later. Find a moment to close your eyes and just be. Find your breathing. And right now… take note of your own wellbeing.
Remember to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.
reboot : to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version
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20 av 21 regioner använder amerikanska molntjänster sommaren 2021 – trots Schrems 2-domen – Webperf
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